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We are looking for a talented and self-motivated .NET Architect to join our team

• Master degree in Computer Science or similar

Specialized knowledge:

• Expert knowledge of .NET based technologies, frameworks and 3rd party

products in different segments (UI frameworks, Data Storage, Security,

Middleware, etc.)
• Expert knowledge of industry recognized

architectural patterns and styles (SaaS, SOA, N-Tier, Layered

Architecture, MVC, Client-Server, Message Bus, etc)
• Proficient

knowledge of design patterns, design approaches and concepts (Inversion

of Control, Separation of Concerns, Design by Contract, etc)
• Proficient knowledge of software quality metrics (Loose coupling, cyclomatic complexity, code coverage, etc.)
• Proficient knowledge of coding best practices in .NET
• Proficient knowledge of unit testing best practices in .NET
• Proficient knowledge of configuration management practices
• Understanding of Relational Database Management Systems and database design approaches
• Understanding of software development company functioning
• Understanding of offshore software development specifics
• Understanding of CMMI model and RUP processes
• Proficient knowledge of Agile methodologies (Scrum, XP) and software development life cycles

• 6+ years of experience in developing complex solutions based on .NET technologies:
- .NET Framework
- Web UI:

- Desktop UI: WinForms/WPF
- EF/NHibernate
- Enterprise Library
- MSMQ or analogs
- Optionally AppFabric/MS Azure
• Solid experience of applying .NET power tools covering the following areas:
- IDE (Visual Studio)
- Code Quality (StyleCop/FxCop/NDepend/NCover)
- Build (TFS, Hudson, CruiseControl)
- Test Automation (VS Test Suite, NUnit, NMock, RhinoMocks)
- Continuous Integration (CruiseControl, Continuum, Hudson)
- Issue Tracking (JIRA, TFS)
- Version Control (TFS, SVN, Perforce)
• Proven success in technical leadership and coaching
• Proven success as team player in previous position(s)
• Proven communicator/presenter

Skills & Abilities:
• English upper intermediate level or higher
• Excellent organizational and time-management skills
• Excellent presentation, communication and interpersonal skills
• Excellent estimation skills
• Excellent coaching and supervisory skills
• Ability to talk in technical language and switch to the language of business managers
• Ability to recognize software patterns and solutions associated with those patterns
• Team player
• Detail orientation
• Result orientation

Professional Certification
• Microsoft .NET certification (Desirable)

Forward your CV to the email address:
М: + 359 887 931 914

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