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We are looking for a Senior, an Intermediate, a Junior for position Protokol Engineer

Develop protocols following a
predefined structure to be used with Client’s advanced fuzzing
framework. Protocols will be defined using XML and will follow public
standards, where defined, including RFCs. Items needed to define a
protocol that cannot be expressed within the XML structure will be
written in Python or C# where Python does not provide adequate support.
As fuzz testing needs to support both endpoint mode as well as
passthrough mode, protocol development will include both the client and
server sides of the protocol. All protocol development will follow the
Client style guide for coding standards as well as the fuzzing protocol
development lifecycle.

Required skills include:

Ability to interpret protocol definition standards such as RFCs to
confirm developed protocols within the fuzzing framework adhere to
expected behaviors
∙ Ability to capture traffic, analyze
the packet capture and find the correct client / server model for
protocol development where a defined standard is not accessible
∙ Understanding of the XML structure language and the ability to properly adhere to it
∙ Ability to read/write/interpret code developed in Python and C#
Responsibilities: Develop protocol recognition patterns using special descriptive language

* Very strong (!) understanding of TCP/IP protocol stack as well as L2 protocols (e.g., Ethernet)
* Familiar with RFC specification format
* Programming languages -- at least one of: Python, Ruby, Linux Shell etc

* IT Networks / Telecom / Computer Science or similar

Forward your CV to the email address:

M: + 359 887 931 914

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