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We are looking for a Senior Ruby Engineer in our offices in Sofia, Bulgaria

• Professional experience in Ruby and Rails.
• Good understanding of OO principles and solid CS knowledge.
• A belief that it’s a ridiculous idea that a software developer would not use version control.
• Agile methodology experience (TDD/BDD/XP/Scrum).
• Experience using a testing framework as part of your work process, not as an afterthought.
• Knowledge of databases (PostgreSQL/MySQL) beyond changing database.yml to not use sqlite.
• Comfortable on the Linux/Unix command line.
• Knowledge and experience with more than one language a distinct advantage.

• Work across the company’s entire set of subsystems and third party integrations.
• Work with the product team to deliver robust solutions.
• Participate in the company’s process from writing code, reviewing pull requests and continuously deploying.

Forward your CV to the email address:
М: + 359 887 931 914

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